How does cost import work

Costs in Rick are synchronized with those in Google Analytics automatically.

• Rick imports the costs from the ad accounts every night for yesterday, uploads it to GA, and a few hours later imports the costs from GA to show in the reports.

• after the importing costs on media placements.

• monitoring checks the difference between the numbers in Rick and GA each night for the previous 7 days, and runs the import for the days in which there is a difference.

However sometimes you need to reload costs from Google Analytics into Rick by hand.

• if you import costs in GA data set, and want to see them in Rick

• after deleting files from other systems that import costs to GA to avoid duplication

• if you see that the costs in GA don’t match the costs in Rick without VAT

How to do.

After reloading costs, Rick makes requests to GA to reload them. If you reload for more than a month, it's best to do it in the evening or at night so that you don't block work in Rick because the GA query limits have run out. Limits are updated around 11 a.m. in the time zone of the impressions.

1. Run the costs reload from the interface. This operation deletes costs from Rick for the selected period.

2. Open any report for the selected period. Rick will begin importing data from GA. The import time depends on the period and the number of costs, but it is usually a few seconds per day.

How does cost import work